Have You Been In An Auto Accident?

integrative care for auto injury

Our Doctors Are Specifically Trained to Treat and Manage Car Accident Injuries

Our McKinney integrated team at Trinity Health Solutions brings the best care from the medical and alternative fields to one place for you. Our doctors will work with you to develop a plan that will give you the best long term outcome.

Integrated Care for an Auto Injury in McKinney

  • Were you injured in a car accident?
  • We are easy to find and offer flexible appointments.
  • Our doctors have special training to work with these types of injuries.
  • The bottom line: we offer great care to help you fully recover.

When an individual sustains injuries from a motor vehicle crash, spasm and muscle splinting develop unequally on either side of the spine.

This asymmetric muscle spasm prevents the normal range of motion of the spine and misalignments occur throughout the vertebral column. These misalignments are addressed with a gentle hands-on manipulation or gentle low force instrument assisted manipulation.

Auto accidents and slip and fall injuries are never on your radar, but accidents happen. These cases generally present with a lot of pitfalls and hurdles on both the healing side and financial side. Trinity Health Solutions is here to help. We have medical, chiropractic and physical therapy providers in one location; why is this beneficial to you? Convenience! Instead of having to go to 3 different offices to address your injury needs, you just have to go to one.

Need an attorney? We can recommend one. Have an attorney? No problem, chances are we have already worked with them on previous patient cases. Prefer not to get an attorney involved? Not a problem either, we will help steer you clear of the 3rd parties insurance traps.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you have been involved in an auto accident or slip and fall:

  1. You should always be examined by a healthcare provider after being involved in a MVA or slip and fall, regardless of if you feel fine. Everyday we see patients that were involved in accidents many years ago that did not seek care because they “felt fine,” only to have residual symptoms arise later. If only they had been examined shortly after accident, any minor injuries could have been resolved much easier than waiting for them to develop into larger problems several years down the road. Most people don’t realize, but symptoms related to a MVA or slip and fall can take weeks to develop and by then they want to attribute them to something else.
  2. The sooner you seek care/get checked out, the stronger your case will be. This doesn’t imply you plan to sue, but the longer you wait after an accident to get checked out the weaker you case becomes if you do need to proceed that way.
  3. Remember that you can settle property damage separate from bodily injury. Be careful what you sign regarding dealing with the other party’s insurance.

Treatment Options

  • Spinal Manipulation Therapy
  • Extremity Manipulation Therapy
  • Electric Stimulation Therapy
  • Injections
  • Medical Services

If you have been injured in an auto accident please call our team today. We are happy to help with any questions that you have.


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